Friday, September 21, 2007

On a roll

It took me ten minutes to find this link again. For broadband users only, requires Flash.

Anatomical Atlas Of Flies

With a click on the desired magnification, and a simple drag of the mouse, all things become clear, and all parts have a name. I raged at the lack of adequate representation (simply put: I wanted to see more flies), but the three examples were well chosen to show the diversity of form in diptera. It's a great way to learn about fly anatomy, particularly wing venation, which is incredibly dry and somewhat confusing at times.

I'd post screencaps if I knew how.

Warning image intensive

Click on this link to some of the most stunning examples of insect photography I've ever seen. The immensely talented photographer (Igor Siwanowicz) also takes pictures of the spined, if you're into such things.

Here's some more stunning stuff by him:

(Redirected from Zooillogix)

The Arthroplog Manifesto

This is the inverterate invertebrate speaking.

Firstly, thanks to Otterman and NUS module blogs for linking us even though we were totally aestivated for a while there (I was trying to figure out the point of this blog). And I think I've got it.

Arthropods are beautiful. The beauty in the form, colour and articulation of insects are what possessed us to work on them in the first place.

This blog will aim to showcase that, as well as the people behind them. So we're more of a primer into arthropod aesthetics instead of being overtly scientific (sorry Siva!).

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

No these are not toys

Japanese orthopterans (Euconocephalus thunbergi) that come in these colours. Gotta collect them all! From Boing Boing.

Incidentally, even though Boing Boing doesn't do it, please remember to italicise scientific names! Thank you!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Lab in the mornings

The honours students in our lab have a history of working late into the night with no consideration for rest, sleep or recreation. It has become a tradition enforced by the fact that they have classes and other distractions caused by diurnal residents and visitors.

This means that they are usually busily crashing around the time we arrive in lab to begin our day, the debris of their nightly accomplishments strewn about the lab.

Which also means that sometimes my supervisor gets bored because there's no one around (I don't qualify as a full person in the morning). When he gets bored, and this is the only reason I can think of why he would mess around this way, he does things like this:


This morning he asked me for something that YC liked. An image or a figure of some sort. He pasted it there. I'm sure you can tell which are fly head drawings and which is his graffiti.


This is the picture of some female sepsid fly genitalia Nalini pulled out, microscoped, and drew as work for her MSc. A few days ago Supervisor (henceforth referred to as MOTU) said, "hey this looks like a gnome!" and proceeded to label the parts of the "face". (The illustration is supposed to be positioned sideways.)

The penciled labels from top down are: "Hat", "Face", "Mouth", "Stubby Arms", "Spilled Guts".

We can't wait for the day this is published so we can have people have hysterics over the picture.